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The quality of a restaurant is judged by so many elements, from the quality of food, variety of choice, décor of the room, scheduled entertainment, to mention but a few. In essence, it’s about the whole customer experience and that’s what sets apart a good restaurant from an excellent one and makes it stand out from the crowd.

The Bull at Wrotham had for many years been delivering a fantastic service to customers with mouthwatering menus, a fine selection of beers and wines, wedding and party packages and beautifully renovated ensuite bedrooms. However, their branding message was not successfully communicating this to their potential clients.

When we started to work with The Bull, our objective was to create a brand that would raise their profile and elevate their position within the market. We created several designs centered around the concept of high quality food and an exceptional dining experience. We wanted to ensure that at every touchpoint, potential clients were confident that The Bull would meet and exceed their high expectations and that they were suitable aligned with their competitors.

The new branding has a modern appeal which has been incorporated to attract a younger market whilst still supporting the expectations of the current client base too. The superior values of Martin Deadman the current owner, are at the heart of everything that the Bull has to offer and as such has been incorporated into the new branding as a stamp of quality and tradition.

The new branding has been rolled out across the business including the recently launched website. In terms of client expectations, The Bull branding is now aligned with their quality offering and is something that the whole team are extremely proud of and strive to continually make even better.

Food at The Bull

The Bull is a beautiful 14 century inn with 11 ensuite bedrooms and a stunning restaurant offering a relaxed atmosphere and a warm welcome. Devoted to flavour and quality, The Bull’s kitchen prepares everything from scratch using the highest quality seasonal produce from the wealth of fantastic local Kentish producers. Whether you fancy a beer, an ale, an artisan Bourbon or an after-work cocktail, The Bull is stocked with a plethora of interesting tipples for you to explore and enjoy.

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Extremely professional and creative. They quickly understood our needs and translated them into beautiful design projects that actually work. As Matt always said 'we want this to work for you!' and that posture makes a huge difference, you feel confident. Solid experience, that is the difference, they know what they are talking about.

Lygia Fontanella-Deadman - Director
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