Lucas Finish Yearbook covers

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A prestigious brand requires high quality and beautifully designed collateral at every touch point. When investing in printed materials, it is vital that from conception to production the message reflects your brand and company values.

There is a wealth of stunning materials to choose from, finishes to select and most projects can be completed in a variety of shapes and sizes too. Print remains an extremely powerful medium, it gives credibility and opens opportunities to elevate your business with unique, creative and beautifully tangible solutions.

Lucas, one of the UK construction industry’s leading specialist fit out and finishing contractors appointed us to design and produce the prestigious Lucas FINISH 2016. With a blue-chip client list, they required an outstanding project delivered with a superior level of service. The brief was clear – to design and produce a stunning publication that would give an insight into the world of Lucas, showcasing some of the exciting high profile projects worked on including McLaren, BskyB, One Tower Bridge, Pro Tools, Lucas Innovation Centre and Lucas Offsite.

Despite the tight deadlines, we created a superior publication, the design of which complemented every aspect of the Lucas vision and had a quality finish which would sit comfortably alongside any of their blue-chip client list.

Lucas is one of the UK construction industry’s leading specialist fit out and finishing contractors.

Lucus - Finish yearbook cover and inside spreads
Lucas Finish Yearbook stacked covers

Project 64 designed our 2016 yearbook and we’re delighted with the quality of everything produced and the helpfulness and professionalism that the team showed us along the way. We’d like to thank Project 64 for turning around our project so quickly, not to mention getting a professional finish to the printing but also for consistent top quality design throughout.

Celine Terry, Marketing Manager
Lucas Finish Yearbook single page closeup
Lucas Finish Yearbook spread Lucas Finish Yearbook spread Lucas Finish Yearbook spread

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