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Professionally created annual reports inspire confidence, they convey to the shareholders what their company is achieving and reassure them that their investments are secure and effective. The creative design of an annual report can enrich this message even further and when accompanied by powerful, high quality images it can truly demonstrate the value of the work you do.

We were approached by KRPS to produce an array of Marketing materials including posters, signage and their annual report and accounts. For every piece, we carefully designed material that reflected the vision of the company and projected a clear message to their audience.

Design and print is even more crucial today than it has ever been. Making sure that every page, every image and every word counts. If you would like us to work with you on your next project, then please give us a call. Whatever the project is, we can work with you to ensure that your vision is translated into collateral that delivers results. The process is stress-free and our commitment is second to none.

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Kent Reliance Provident Society (KRPS) was formed as part of the transfer of Kent Reliance Building Society’s business to One Savings Bank Plc (OSB). It has the advantage of representing the interests of its members at Board and key operational levels throughout the Bank.

Kent Reliance Provident Society Annual Review Spreads Kent Reliance Annual Review Spread
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Project 64 have continued with their knack of being able to interpret a minimal brief and come up with something that delivers. The team at Project 64 are a pleasure to deal with and remain cheerful despite the typically unreasonable timescales and demands of this client.

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Kent Reliance Annual Review Spread Kent Reliance Annual Review Spread Kent Reliance Financial Review inner page spread Kent Reliance Annual Review covers together
Kent Reliance Provident Society 2013 annual review cover
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