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Professional branding helps create a visual way of identifying your business in the marketplace. It is so important that your image reflects who you are and the products/services that you are selling. This should be evident at every touch point and must fit with your type of business and resonate with those who you hope to reach.

This is what Ashwyk printers wanted to achieve when they commissioned us to rebrand their identity. They wanted to align their brand with their superior quality services and reach out to high end clients. The comprehensive rebrand that we undertook, involved reworking their existing “A” to ignite some style and elegance which would reflect their unique and specialist offering. This then formed the basis of the new stationery and website. It was a fantastic project to work on and a great example of how a brand refresh can make such a difference and add true value.

In a very competitive market, the key to success is to reinvest and that is exactly what Ashwyk have done. Their recent purchase of a new HP Indigo 5600 Digital Printing Press has further supported this and along with their stunning rebrand they have already successfully repositioned themselves as a leading London based printer.

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Ashwyk supply the highest quality digital print available (HP Indigo) with exceptional customer communication. They specialise in a range of services from variable data printing to booklet printing, direct mail campaigns to luxury business cards and lots more inbetween. All of this is delivered with a perfect balance between quality, speed, price and customer service.

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Ashwyk Business Cards

Project 64 has become one of our most trusted partners. Their creative work is always produced to the highest possible standard and they continue to show real drive & passion for our brand. They are also great to work with, honest & professional. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending their services to anyone.

Joe De Wykerslooth, Managing Director
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Customer experience is the key contributor in the success of a brand, get that right and you will create a loyal following who will act as ambassadors for your offering. If you would like to increase your client base with loyal customers, please get in touch.