How to make social media work for you

Graphic showing social media references

Social media can be a powerful tool and one which supports existing clients and attracts new ones too. However, like most things there’s no easy answer to success but here are a few of our top tips to get you started.

1. Make a plan

Make a plan and be consistent. You will certainly have to adapt information at times and respond to current circumstances but there is a lot that you can plan in advance and this will save you time and stress later. Decide how many posts you want to create and this will depend on your audience. Be realistic and stick to it. It is much better to do one post a week than one a day for a week and then nothing for months.

2. Choose your channels

Choose your channels. Find out what channels your clients prefer to use and concentrate on them. You don’t necessarily need to commit to them all but make sure the ones that you are committing to you do well.

3. Stay on brand

It is vital that your messages stay on brand at all times. This is where the planning will help as it will give you the time to prepare posts that support your brand message. Keep an eye on what other people are saying, monitor conversations and join in where you can. A simple but relevant retweet can be as valuable to your audience as a post from you. Get your brand heard.

4. Keep a good balance

It is difficult but essential to maintain a good balance. Your content should be a mixture of business and fun, interesting and informative. Be guided by your audience and adjust the tone and content to suit. Take advantage of calendar dates and mould your message to coincide with popular dates or current themes.

5. Make it engaging

Content is still king and this is the most important point of all. Keep your messages engaging. Be interactive. Be interesting. Be different. Monitor which posts work well for your audience and deliver this to them. Make sure that when people do engage, you acknowledge it. Potential clients will be watching these conversations, make them want to join in.

If you are looking to build a social media campaign but just don’t have the time to invest, why not talk to us about one of our support packages. They are an economic way to get your message heard. We take away all of the stress and you can relax knowing that your brand is in good hands!

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