FREE – No obligation Brand Audit for your business

FREE Brand Audit with Project 64

A brand to be proud of

The value of an effective and consistent Brand strategy should never be underestimated and that is why we are offering you a FREE Brand audit worth £1,500.00

Developing a strategic plan for your Brand is the most important exercise any business will undertake and can make the difference between success and failure. Your Brand represents your client’s entire customer experience and done well will distinguish you from your competitors.

Here at Project 64 we apply a unique process, we invest time in really getting to know and understand your business. We take into consideration your visions including financials, buying motivations and competitor analysis. Brand loyalty is essential, therefore Brand message, desired perception and brand personality all need to be understood. It is crucial to identify your USP and build this into your Brand strategy.

How the free brand audit works

We will come in and spend an hour with you looking at your current online and offline presence. We will assess how consistent your brand is on all applications. We will then summarise our findings and send you a report including our professional recommendations as to how you can improve your brand presence to increase market share/gain more sales and most importantly increase your profit margins.

We have proof that every client who has accepted this free offer has increased brand presence, sales and profit. This is a free service with absolutely no cost to yourselves and no obligation for any future work with us.

Whether you are considering a re-brand, brand refresh or simply want to assess where you are and set a plan for the future, please do get in touch 01622 623790 and book your free brand audit today.

Do you have a project to discuss?

Our diverse skill set and depth of experience ensures we can deliver every time. If you wish to discuss a project with us, we would love to hear from you, so please do contact us.