Customer experience – more important than ever!

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Brands have to work harder than ever if they want to stand out from the crowd. In today’s 24/7 media and social networking world, it is not always easy to differentiate one brand from another, therefore customer experience is crucial.

If we have a great experience with an organisation it leaves us feeling enthusiastic and wanting to share this experience with family and friends. It really doesn’t happen that often but when it does, it sets the foundations for Brand loyalty.

Driving positive buyer behaviour

Customer satisfaction drives buying behaviour. Even if your product or service is of high quality and the price is right, customer experience is still the key to success. If a customer is satisfied, then loyalty and trust will grow and they will seek opportunities to recommend you.

Ryanair for example has historically relied on people paying low prices and putting up with the service. They then launched their “Always Getting Better” customer experience initiative and passenger numbers grew by 18% to over 100 million passengers – a growth that continued in their report published in February 2017.

Loyal customers spend more

Satisfied customers are loyal, spend more money and refer others and this satisfaction comes from the customer experience. Customer experience is not the same as customer service. Customer service represents the amount of assistance and courtesy that is given to a customer by those who patronise a business. Whereas customer experience is the sum of all of the interactions a customer has with an organisation throughout the duration of their relationship. This includes pre-purchase, enquiry, negotiation, purchase and post purchase too.

Get it right – get results

When you get it right it pays dividends in many ways. Positive word of mouth alone can reduce marketing budgets. It also costs a business less to keep their existing clients than it does to attract new ones. Employees are more satisfied as they are able to do a great job and meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Let us “wow” your customers

Every interaction between a customer and a business is an opportunity to ‘wow’ – or to ‘disappoint’. At Project 64 we work closely with you to ensure that your Brand is a powerful as it can be and that at every touch point you have the tools necessary to exceed customer expectations and deliver a superior level of customer experience.

Proven results

“We have already seen a 24% increase in customer enquiries. Also the sales team have far more confidence using the site therefore achieving targets not normally achieved this time of year.”
Adrian Mecklenburgh, Managing Director

Let’s chat

If you would like more brand loyal customers, then give us a call. We would love the opportunity to understand your business and have a little chat about how we can support you. We can offer you a free brand audit which will give you an insight into the huge number possibilities available to give your business competitive advantage and make your customer experience one which people will want to shout about.

Do you have a project to discuss?

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