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Words that make money

Here at Project 64 we would love to work with you to create inspiring and engaging copy. The skill of copywriting is so much more than just writing some text. Information is all around us via multiple platforms, so what makes people want to listen to you? We can help you discover the secrets.

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Find your USP

The key is to make sure that your audience understand your value proposition. This should be a few unique and valuable qualities, characteristics or benefits. You need to capture their attention and create interest. This interest needs to be converted to want and channeled into a call to action – sounds easy? We can make it work for you.

Make your copy work

Companies sometimes consider writing copy in house as a cost saving exercise, however it is often the case that people within the business are just too close to convey a clear message, using “in house” terms and assuming prior knowledge. The skill in copywriting comes from detailed research into the company, the market, the clients and the business vision. A headline alone can be a make or break message as people are five times more likely to read the headline than they are the body. If you lose potential clients at this stage, there’s certainly no cost saving in that!

People buy benefits not features

We can help you promote your benefits. People are more interested in real benefits not just features, they want to know how you can help them. It is essential that your online copy includes all of your keywords and phrases that your audience like to use for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). However, equally as important to this is the actual crafting of your message content both on and offline. Who are you targeting? What do they want to hear? What do they want to learn? If you get this right, then it will increase your authority and build valuable trust. Your audience will then like and share your message which will help to rank your page for those keywords selected.

Good copy is quotable and word of mouth is an extremely powerful tool.

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Are you looking for the right words?

We can write them for you. Get in touch with us.

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Let’s get it right

It’s crucial that you stand out from the crowd. It is unlikely that you are the only player in the market, so understanding what influences your clients is imperative to success. People make choices about brands all the time, let’s make them buy into yours. If you would like us to work with you to make your message compelling, authentic and engaging then we would love for you to get in touch.