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Your promise to your customers

What is it that motivates people to choose your product or service over and above someone else’s? Your Brand – It’s your promise of quality. Brand is about so much more than just logo design, a creative name or graphical image. It represents the entire customer experience. The process should never be a time consuming or daunting one. At Project 64, we can help you to achieve a great brand that your customers will love.

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Project 64 – The design team for your brand

As a successful Brand, Design and Digital agency, we know the value of your brand and never underestimate its power. Your brand defines how customers and potential customers perceive you, it’s how you interact with employees and how they perform. It’s the vision for your business, where you are currently positioned within your market place and where you want to be positioned in the future. It is everything from an advert, to a company brochure, to your voice on social channels or how your employees answer the phone.

We know strong branding is built on a strong idea. An idea that you and your staff can hold on to, can commit to, and deliver upon. At Project 64, we pride ourselves in identifying your strengths so a distinctive brand identity can be created that reflects your company and its ambitions, an essential component for the growth of your business.

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Working with Project 64 has been an absolute pleasure, they just got us from the beginning and created something quite special for us. Thank you Claire, Matt and the team at Project 64!

Lesley Parry, Owner

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How we work with you

No-one knows your company better than you, we work with you to understand your business, support your objectives and integrate solutions throughout. We can then create and develop your company’s unique brand.

Each business is different and therefore we will always tailor our services to your needs. However, below we have outlined a typical process that we would follow.

  1. A workshop is carried out so we can ascertain your business’ aims and objectives.
  2. Concepts are then created and presented to you with rationale and examples of how the brand could be applied.
  3. Working together, we develop your chosen concept through to finish article with a clear vision of brand application.
  4. A set of brand identity guidelines will be created to ensure that your new brand has a consistent look moving forward.
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Our top tips for successful branding

1. Branding provides a competitive edge

Whether you’re a large organisation, small business, profit or non profit, your company will need to compete for resources, funding, talent or business. The need to captivate an audience is essential to sustain business development. It’s not about needing to look different, it’s about the importance of looking better than your competition and delivering that promise.

2. Create an emotional connection

Our decisions tend to be based on emotion and we all have emotional relationships with brands. We build brand loyalty through this emotional connection and this adds value to our clients. Through our design process, we take the values and assets of a company, an understanding its history and ethos, what it means to people and transform it into something that connects with both customers and potential customers.

3. Internal perception is just as important

Building a strong brand internally can be just as important as external perception. It’s no secret that it’s easier to sell a brand that you believe in yourself which is why successful companies spend time and effort “selling” their brand internally. This notion supports the marketing department’s ongoing effort for consistency in presentation and contributes to the overall strength of the brand.

4. Use design to reinvent

In an ever changing world brands needs to be fluid, they can’t be see seen as staid or boring, they need to have the potential to adapt to different environments. Great branding adapts to new situations without losing any integrity.

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Beat the competition now

If you are looking for a new brand or a brand refresh, please get in touch using our enquiry form.

We work with businesses of all sizes and across all sectors. We are committed to delivering a high quality service that you can rely on. Your business is important to us, let us work with you to create a unique and distinctive brand that will add value to your business and be instrumental to your future success.

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